About Us

Uncanny Brands, formerly known as Pangea Brands, LLC, has also acquired Bleacher Creatures. To celebrate the acquisition of Bleacher Creatures and the creation of a brand-new division, Phenom Gallery, Pangea Brands will henceforth be known as Uncanny Brands. The change will take place on January 1, 2018.

Uncanny Brands, best known for pop culture small appliances, is dedicated to creating licensed products that are cool and quirky, but useful, too. To capture the spirit of being fun yet faithful to the fans we serve, we feel that the name Uncanny expresses our mission perfectly. One look at a Bleacher Creature sports figure or one of Uncanny Brands' licensed small appliances and you’ll agree—the resemblance is…Uncanny.

Bleacher Creatures’ plush characters are an exciting addition to our product lines, allowing us to deliver even more depth and value to retailers and customers alike. The Company will take over the Bleacher Creatures name, brands and product-related intellectual property, as well as select assets from the "Assignee Company" administering the transaction.

Bleacher Creatures has retained a significant number of key staff members and senior leaders while continuing to operate Bleacher Creatures from its Pennsylvania office. The line-up of products will continue to include Bleacher Creatures plush figures, Mystery Clips, Wham Blox and new anime-styled plush called Kurichas.

Phenom Gallery creates high-quality, highly-collectible serigraphs by well-known artists in the pop-culture field. These limited-edition, signed prints will be available in a variety of subjects, including sports and entertainment events.

Uncanny Brands LLC has been in business as Pangea Brands since 2009, it is a multi-brand pop-culture consumer products company that plays in such categories as toys, appliances and collectible artwork. The company's products are sold globally.




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